Law Firm

National and international companies as well as cities and municipalities rely on us just as much as business and political leaders, the self-employed, freelancers and private individuals.
For us, there is no less important case. Each mandate is conducted with the same high standards of quality, expertise and commitment. Anyone who practices criminal law has a special responsibility. We know the burden that a criminal accusation often entails for our clients. This is why we stand by them as a strong and responsible partner.
In addition to professional expertise, a good defen ce and representation in criminal law also requires special sensitivity, negotiating strength and backbone. That is what we stand for. We are experienced in dealing with the media and are aware of their capabilities.
Before founding our own law firm, we both worked in leading law firms throughout Germany in criminal law relating to economic and tax offences.
We are demanding. Not only towards ourselves, but also towards our cooperating partners. We work in close cooperation with selected, renowned law firms and established colleagues in criminal law and in all other relevant fields of law, with tax consultants, auditors, PR consultants and other professional groups – because we consider ourselves team players. In cross-border cases, we work with selected colleagues abroad. We dispose a broad network of cooperating law firms, especially within the EU, Switzerland and the USA.

We are academically engaged, hold lectures at universities, participate in the further education of attorneys, give speeches and are politically involved in legal matters. We are committed. For a liberal criminal law.

We speak German, English, French, Greek, Russian and Ukrainian.

White-Collar Cases

Proceedings relating to economic offences and their harmful effects are constantly on the rise. Those affected find themselves exposed to specialized law enforcement authorities that exhaustively use the instruments at their disposal. The accused not only face imprisonment and fines, but also sanctions under labour law and uncompromising claims for damages. Companies are confronted with fines and recovery / confiscation orders. Furthermore, there is the risk of registry entries, freezing of contracts and, last but not least, considerable damage to reputation, which often already arises upon the initiation of investigative proceedings.

Defence of Individuals

Criminal law is the sharpest blade known to our legal system. And there is no unimportant case in this field. Even the initiation of investigative proceedings can have serious consequences for the person concerned. A good defence must therefore set the course for the best possible outcome at an early stage.
As criminal defence lawyers, we act in a practice- and result-oriented manner. Our goal is to end criminal proceedings swiftly and silently. Where possible, it is important to prevent an indictment resulting in a reputation-damaging trial before a criminal court. Our actions are always guided by the economic interests of our clients.

Company Representation

We defend companies against fines, confiscation and attachment of assets and coordinate the individual defence of accused managers and employees. In preventive counselling, we ensure that, if possible, criminal proceedings are never initiated in the first place. Our focus lies on implementing and optimizing compliance management systems and ensuring that our clients’ actions are legally compliant.

International Criminal Law

Law enforcement is becoming increasingly global. Cooperation between law enforcement authorities is constantly expanding worldwide. At EU level, cross-border law enforcement is greatly facilitated through instruments such as the European arrest warrant and the European investigation order for law enforcement authorities. Successfully representing the rights of the person concerned in international legal assistance in criminal matters, especially in extradition proceedings, requires special expertise and in-depth knowledge of this complex area.

We are one of the few nationwide law firms for economic criminal law that also specializes in extradition proceedings and mutual legal assistance.